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Thank you for visiting our store's website. Here are a few commonly asked questions.​ If you do not find the information you need or have other questions please contact us using the form above or call us at 580-786-0147.


Do You Offer Lessons?

Yes we do! Currently we offer Guitar, Bass and Drum lessons. Our lessons are designed to teach Children up to Adults as well as beginners up to experienced players. To find out more information swing by the store or give us a call.


Can I put an instrument on Lay Away?

Yes you can!  We offer a convenient Lay Away plan to help you if you need. A small deposit will hold your selection for up to 90 Days.


Can You Special Order Me An Instrument?

Yes we can!  If there is something particular you are looking for, come by the store and visit with Shane, Max or Ken. We have a great record for finding both new and vintage Instruments for our customers. If it's out there, we can usually find it.


Can I Trade In A Instrument or Amp?

Yes....well usually. We do take in trades at times but not always. Because we are trying to offer the best quality gear possible we try to be very particular about what gear we stock. The best way to find out is to come by and visit with us about what you have. You can also bring it by the store and let us look at it. We will do our best to try and work with you the best we can. 


Can You Repair Instruments and Amps?

Yes! We offer a variety of repair and upgrade options for guitars and other instruments. Whether your instrument is broken and needs to be repaired or it's just in need of a cleaning and detail, our staff can take care of it. We also have a trained Luthier available during the week. On top of instrument and amp repair, we can also make technical and custom upgrades to your instrument.

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